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Sustainability, efficiency and commercial pragmatism are at the heart of everything we do.

Offices in Peterborough and Bristol
Tel: 01733 595595  office@jenksassociates.co.uk

Building Services Consulting Engineers with a heritage of more than thirty years, we combine this experience with the very latest in technology and innovation. We design energy efficient buildings that are environmentally and economically sustainable.
We are growing fast and work in many different sectors with fantastic clients of every shape and size. We work on old buildings and brand new buildings and the range of our portfolio goes from Buckingham Palace and the Natural History Museum through to the rapidly expanding Premier Inn hotel chain.

About Us

We’re all about great design, efficiency, sustainability, adding value and true collaboration with our clients. We help them bring the future into the present. You can find out more about us here but what we like best is learning about you.


We believe that its not what we do but the way that we do it that sets us apart. Broadly what we offer splits in to three categories, Design, Sustainability and Consultancy. Take a look here for a full list of the services we offer.


We are fortunate, we work with some amazing clients. We work with large corporations, some of them household names and we work with much smaller clients. We work on historic buildings, world famous landmarks and on new builds.

About Us

We have a simple plan….we will always do what’s best for you.

We’ve been around for some time, over thirty years, so we’ve learned a lot and have a great deal of experience. That matters, but only if we use that experience to make the future better for you.

We’ve learned that efficiency is an end to end process; from design to delivery.

We understand that real success can only be achieved by effective collaboration and true partnership between all the relevant stakeholders in any project.

We know that efficient, sustainable buildings start with good planning and design and by giving the entire construction team access to more comprehensive and better coordinated information.

And we know that great design is not just about how something looks, but how it works.

  1. What we do is not unique, what we offer is. A powerful combination of progressive, innovative and contemporary design and engineering practices and more than thirty years’ experience
  2. We work for you, with you and alongside you. We have an established track record of long term, productive, partnership with ‘blue chip’ clients and construction partners.
  3. From concept to completion we design and deliver sustainable buildings in the most efficient and cost effective way. We take the view that without a plan for the future, we won’t have a future.

Eventus Centre, Sunderland Road. Northfields Industrial Estate
Market Deeping, Peterborough PE6 8FD

[HERE], 470 Bath Road, Bristol BS4 3AP

Please do get in touch with us either by telephone 01733 595595  or email office@jenksassociates.co.uk

At every level within the business we pride ourselves on being readily accessible to clients, partners and potential clients.

We’d really like to hear from you and we will do everything possible to answer any queries you may have and to help in any way we can.


Contact Us

Peterborough Office

Peterborough Office

Eventus Centre, Sunderland Rd. Northfields Industrial Estate
Market Deeping, Peterborough PE6 8FD


Bristol Office

Bristol Office

470 Bath Road, Bristol BS4 3AP